LicenceToBill API is used to get the best benefit from LicenceToBill, integrating it directly in your SaaS application.

This API is conform, as much as possible, to the RESTful architecture. You interact with the different resources exposed by the API. Each access to a resource is associated to an HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, ...).

LicenceToBill supports JSON and XML, in the requests and in the responses.


The objective of LicenceToBill is to give your application a recurring payment solution ASAP, as well as an access control API-based solution. With as few code as possible, and hopefully no maintenance. That's made possible by our innovative approach of the subscriptions.

To understand the concept behind LicencetoBill : Le concept LicenceToBill.


The API usedHTTP Basic Authentication via SSL (https).

As you guessed it, the API is designed for server-to-server calls. Do not performs calls from client javascript, for obvious security issues.

To know more : Authentification.


For a preview of the API exposed resources : Resources.

Data Format

To know more about data format : Data format.


LicenceToBill API is optimized for high availability and lightning-fast response for read access.

All writing access will take more time.

Entry point

There you are !

The API calls are made through the domain

That means the current documentation is the HTML response of the API.